6 Things you should never forget when staging a luxury home in Sydney

Luxury home staging in Sydney is a fundamental component of the selling process. It’s key that you work with a team that truly understands your home’s actual potential – one that understands the importance of staging as an amazing gateway to getting the home sold fast. Here are the most useful tips on luxury home staging.


Go neutral

Firstly, you should go neutral. Sustain colour neutrality all through the space to enable potential buyers to imagine themselves in the home. Potential home buyers are probable to get truly turned off by vibrant tones, seeing your home like an illegible candidate.


Stage every room

This appears to be obvious but luxury homes certainly demand luxury staging. Unlike any of the other varying budget levels, every room within the home even when it’s a multi-million dollar home must be fully staged. With potential luxury buyers, comes lots of luxury anticipations – ensure that the staging you have in your listing exceeds their expectations.


Showcase all luxury amenities

The real beauty of all luxury homes is that they nearly always feature a lot of offerings outside of that offered by conventional homes. Therefore, when having your home staged, ensure that the stager goes the additional mile to showcase the home’s unique amenities. Highlight your home’s full potential to all potential buyers. Should the home have its own media room, for instance, used home styling to make potential buyers visualize nights of chilling and watching Netflix with friends and family. Read a lot more on absolute home staging-musts for multi-million dollar luxury homes.


Filter distinct scents out

You should make sure that you target clean, fresh linen scent that welcomes potential buyers without it overpowering them all through the entire walk-through during the showing. This actually helps to create the proper environment for effective and efficient luxury home staging. Avoid utilizing overbearing potpourri and candles to generate a luxury scent.


Brighten the space up

There is no luxury staging that’s complete if it lacks that airy, bright feeling. When your potential buyers enter your home, you desire that they should be greeted by a warm and inviting energy. Probably try updating light bulbs as well as decorating with limited or light draperies, utilizing mirrors to produce the appearance of extra space, and completely eliminating any clutter. Even when it is luxury staging that is concerned, less is always more.


Appeal to the entire audience

Even though the home you happen to be staging is luxury, it is quite critical that you should never forget that potential buyers can potentially range from families to singles, to even empty nesters. As a consequence, you have to conduct your own thorough market research. You should see the price range within the neighbourhood and who happens to be the most likely buyer. Look at the neighbourhood’s demographics, consider its location.


After all these, you should then work with a firm that offers home staging in Sydney to ensure that all the information translates into a quality staging design. Market research helps you to match your design to the home’s targeted buyers, thus getting the home sold much sooner.

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