5 Easy Ways Of Installing Solar Panels On The Roof Of Your Home

Getting solar panels for your home has turned into a common phenomenon as a result of the energy scarcity the world is facing. The panels are used for both commercial and residential purposes. They are designed in a way that they absorb maximum sunlight. The sun is an excellent source of energy and the devices function to redirect that energy to your home. Nevertheless, to make the most possible out of residential panels, you must understand how to install them properly. This article offers a few suggestions you can follow for easy, effective, and long-lasting solar installations.

South facing

When installing solar panels in your home, make sure that they face the South. Nevertheless, if your house does not directly face the south, then go on to find any other area of the roof that does. Generally, this occurs when your roof is angled or pitched. Flat roofs, nevertheless, feature a lot more flexibility in this regards, as you can fix the panels anywhere you prefer in their case.

Eliminate shading

While installing your panels, remember that there shouldn’t be any kind of shading or obstruction in the panel’s way. Nevertheless, trees happen to be our best friends and we aren’t supposed to ‘just’ cut them down. But, if the tree happens to be an obstruction in the panel’s path, you have no other option but to cut it. The answer to the question of why to install solar panels for your home is probably more important than the shade of a single tree.

Utilize metal flashing

Utilize metal flashing over the solar panels’ mounts. Metal flashing will greatly help in easily installing the panels as they are also capable of gaining heat which is quite needed to have a proper installation. To ensure a secure installation, use 3/8 inch metal bolts made from stainless steel. This will help in ensuring that the panel gets properly fixed.

Never forget the panels’ mounts

To install your residential solar panels, it’s quite imperative that you should utilize quality solar panel mounts. Such mounts can be gotten in three special varieties. These varying types include pole mounts, flush mounts, as well as roof-ground mounts. It is quite critical that you should utilize a solar panel mount to fix your preferred device onto truly tough places such as the roof, a pole side, and so on.

Final installation

At last, you have probably installed your solar panels and connected the device to an array of other equipment and devices. If you desire to get and use your solar power when there is a power cut, it is most excellent that you should make sure you connect the solar power to your home’s inverter. The inverter will ensure that you always have sufficient power for all of your appliances.

These are the 5 tips for easily installing solar panels for your home. If you can use all the information that has been offered in this article effectively, your installation will not only be easy, your device not just long-lasting, but you will also generate the highest amount of power possible.

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