4 Reasons Why a Reception Hall is the Best Venue for Your Dream Wedding


If you have ever planned a wedding for a friend or a relative, you will notice that the first and foremost thing people decide is the venue. The venue is the most crucial decision in your wedding. Do you want to get married amidst the panoramic view of a beach where the horizon meets the seas? Do you want to have an intimate affair with a rustic style wedding amidst the open fields of the countryside? Or do you want a simple wedding with your friends and family in your own city? The choice of venue will be depending on what you want.

Destination weddings are great and rather amazing but they feel more like a vacation than a wedding. If you have grown up, dreaming about your special day with the most special person where everything will be perfect, right from the flowers to music and food, you will not be able to settle for anything other than a traditional wedding. The ceremonies taking place in the church followed by a gala reception in a banquet hall amidst the presence of all your loved ones, isn’t this your ultimate dream wedding? In that case, the perfect venue would be a banquet hall. This is one of the most common wedding reception venues in Houston TX yet it can make this Big Day, an unforgettable memory in your life. Let’s find out how.

No Weather Blues

The major problem in an outdoor wedding is you never know when the weather can betray you. Imagine what can happen if you are about to start the first dance of the evening with your husband and it starts to pour. Or even worse, if you plan to have a winter wedding and it starts to snow. On the other hand, you will not face any such weather troubles if you have your wedding in a protected, enclosed reception hall.

Get All Under the Same Roof

Most of the reception halls in Houston nowadays offer all-in-one packages where they offer you catering, decoration as well as entertainment services. All these private party venues have creative teams who can plan a unique décor for your wedding, irrespective of the theme along with preparing a mouthwatering platter of different cuisines and arranging a very enjoyable entertainment segment for all your valuable guests. Usually, the most difficult bit of planning a wedding is coordinating the different departments. And if you are doing this single-handedly, you have to find the perfect dress, decide on the catering service, create a playlist for the dance and the list of errands can go on and on. Imagine how easy it will get if you could find some services under one roof. Reception halls will make it a convenient and hassle-free affair for you.

Perfect for Theme-Weddings

Before the whirlpool of social media, wedding themes meant choosing a color scheme that complements the hall décor, bridesmaid dresses, and flower arrangements. But now, theme weddings are more popular than ever. Everyone wants to have a unique theme in their wedding and become the talk of the town or at least get the most number of likes on Facebook. Right from Fairytale, Cowboy to vintage, Hollywood and even Zombie themes have been going round the city. But most of these themes are either impossible or a little difficult to implement in the open space. You need proper four walls to bring out these ideas with certain flair. And since most of these wedding halls are equipped with skilled and efficient staffs, executing these themes in this sort of a venue with utmost creativity and innovation is a cakewalk.

Maintains Privacy

In hotels and open destinations, there is always the risk of other people gate-crashing your wedding for free food. And sometimes, it is also an honest mistake when people just lose their way and come to your wedding reception party. This can be effectively avoided in a reception hall. Choose a venue which solely organizes private parties or corporate events so that only your invitees can attend the wedding.

So, now you know why reception halls are so popular among wedding venues. Quickly start your research and shortlist a few private party venues where you can have your wedding reception in a wonderful way. And don’t worry, there are plenty of inexpensive wedding venues in Houston, TX so budget-wedding is also not an issue when it comes to reception halls.

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