Where can I buy Sliders online?


Let’s begin this article by understanding what exactly are sliders? Yes, till a few years ago, these did not even exist. With the boost in the fashion industry and for providing comfort to the feet people have been going out of their way to innovate new things. As we are aware of this saying that says, “Innovation is the creation of God” – it tells us how people’s minds are full of new ideas every now and then there is a serendipitous moment in each one of our lives.

The discovery of sliders for men and women happened during the year the 1960s, when the renowned German company, Adidas came up with something called sliders. It was created to provide comfort and ease to all football players. As we are well versed with the fact that football players have an intense usage of their legs and feet and by the end of the day all they seek is a little pleasant feeling to their feet that helps to lift their mood

Nowadays, sliders are available in every part of India and the world. Online shopping websites are doing a tremendous job in bringing to the people the right kind of sliders for women as well as men with the deals like never before. They are doing a  decent job in providing great and comfortable sliders.

Earlier, sliders were primarily made out of rubber. However, the innovation spills its magic and you can find it made out of wool, fur, cotton and even feathers. So, you need not worry about any season – be it winter or summer your purpose is meticulously fulfilled by different types of sliders.

Some online websites where you can find the best deals on sliders are as follows:

  • Bewakoof: Indefinitely the best online platform equipped with the best sliders for men and women. In case, if you are wondering that your size might not be available then let me clear this doubt, right away. They have sizes ranging from XS to 3XL. Feel free to choose any pair and make the purchase today.
  • Myntra: Another online website that has a collection of flip-flops for women and men’s sliders. They provide quality along with an assurance of the product and in case, if you change your mind about buying a different pair then you can easily make an exchange.
  • Nykaa: This online website primarily provides all your makeup essentials. However, recently they have added the category of women’s sliders and men’s too. The collection is unisex so any of you can go ahead and buy anything you wish to. I am sure you wouldn’t be disappointed.
  • Koovs: It is a young online website that is growing nowadays. The collection they have of sliders is good and available in vibrant colours. So, if you are someone who is looking for a colourful weekend then here is your pick.

On Bewakoof, the sliders are designed in a manner that the youth is hugely attracted by the graphical patterns and designs. You can find your favourite cartoons or animals printed in your sliders that make you feel connected with your treasured ones.

Women’s slippers like Miss Geeky Sliders are the epitome of your style statement this season. Now slide into one of these, grab a cup of coffee or tea and a book, sit in your favourite corner of the house and enjoy the reading. There are more such collections, so do not wait and make your purchase today.

Men’s sliders include Mr. Men’s Printed Lightweight Sliders and many more designs from TV shows like F.R.I.E.N.D.S. which is every youngster’s ideal choice. Pair your sliders with a comfy tee along with a jogger and you are good to go.

Let’s begin the hunt and change our footwear style and give it a new beginning this season. The Tribe Members have an edge of availing additional discounts on every product.





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