Old domains and incoming link Volume


There is speculation that old domains can withstand larger increases in the volume of incoming links better than a completely new domain name.

However … Six weeks ago, we set up a completely new website. On the same day we registered, we also set up a WordPress blog and published the content we’ve already prepared. In the next day, I added exactly 1,889 links to this domain for 7 strategic keyword terms.

All “direct links” to “live websites” are able to be found, observed, and respected by Google. Guess what happened? Nothing immediately. However, this site is currently ranked first among the top 100 of these keyword phrases and has improved steadily every two weeks.

As we add more unique content to this website and continue our efforts to build links, it will not be long before things really move forward. The reason I used these two scenarios as examples (these are just two examples – I’ve done this countless times on many of our sites – our clients’ sites) because they are at opposite ends of the “link” volume “speculation argument.

First, an old mature domain had already had a lot of incoming links. The other domain is a completely new area that has no live link at all, but the day after it was registered, it had nearly 2000. The idea that “adding too many links to a Web site too quickly” has been replaced in my mind for a very long time. Certainly, I will not do this on our websites, let alone the customer if it is “bad”.

Now I have said all this I would mistake people for caution. You want things to look “normal” and not too far from the “rule” and “averages” that Google wants to see – especially for new websites. Do not just be so careful that you are actively photographing yourself in the foot. If you’ve created links in 10 different blogs this week and are concerned about adding more for fear of inconvenience from Google, you will not.

You can be sure that you are concerned about adding more than 10 links. Your competitors have gone out there and gained several hundred if not thousands. One aspect of the measurement I would like to make always when discussing this topic is Media Exposure. Just think about what happens when a website receives unheard of by a massive media exposure or becomes a viral phenomenon. Earns thousands (potentially tens of thousands) of incoming links often within 24-78 hours.

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