India Travel Packages: Several Flavors in the Same Bowl


Although there are several destinations in the globe that are considered to be tourist hot spot, the one country that attracts people of all age in huge number is India. This is a diverse country filled with heartwarming people who love to welcome foreign tourists and help them to have a grand time to love the place.

Those who have visited the country once are sure to want to come back again for more and also recommend others to visit here at least once in their lifetime.

Beauty and elegance

The truth is every lane and gully throughout the country tends to have an intriguing aura which captures the spirit of evolution in thousands of years of rich source of Indian heritage. India has a very long history that goes back a very long time and does take immense pride in the forts and palaces built by the great kings and emperors. The valleys, mountains, rivers, plateaus do attract visitors to come here for various purposes, like studying, getting to know about the country, leisure travel, honeymooners, and the like.

Places of tourist interests

Since historical ages, foreigners have been attracted to this great country due to its enormous wealth and coming here, they have managed to fall in love. There have emerged numerous travel countries that have been promoting the different interesting and exotic places in the country to foreign traveler’s thus encouraging tourism.

The best of India tours generally include trip to Ladakh and Leh where, one can come across the beautiful monasteries and barren beautiful mountains, with fast flowing rivers by the dangerous roadside. The scenery is sure to make the traveler to get overwhelmed with excitement and joy. Kashmir is another beautiful place to be that is considered to be paradise on earth. It is also among the most popular destinations to be in the world. The Dal Lake and the houseboats here combined with the local delicacies are the main draws here. The other popular destination is Himachal Pradesh, where the great Dalai Lama, is said to have made his abode. Here, one can get to see the charms of British made structures in the beautiful mountainous city of Shimla, combined with the beauty of cafes and local houses at Manali. These are really refreshing for the weary eyes.

Historical places

Those who are interested in Indian history are sure to find them in plenty all over the country. For art and architecture lovers, India does present a real heritage that is worth the visit. Here, one can get to see the lifestyle and heritage of the queens and maharajas of the medieval era. Taking tours to Delhi, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Agra will be a real delight for history lovers. These cities do boast of having modernity along with old age charm that is rarely seen at other places. The Hawa Mahal of and Amber Fort in Jaipur, Red Fort in Delhi and Taj Mahal of Agra are some of the beautiful structures which tends to speak for itself.

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