How To Travel Safely With String Musical Instruments – Top Travel Tips For Players


Traveling with musical instruments is not an easy task, it might be a pain for you, especially when you have to cover a long distance with your musical instrument. It becomes harder if you play some larger or heavy musical instruments such as drums, electric guitars, banjo etc.

However, traveling with your favorite musical instruments can be a fun for you so don’t let the hurdles and complex situations stop you. To overcome these complicated logistics you just need to understand some traveling tips which are essential to know before traveling with your musical instruments.

So, whether you are going to trip music concerts or move to a new country with your musical instrument, you are going to want to keep your instrument safe. There are tons of tips as well techniques through you can save your instruments from any kind of damages.

If you are a string musical instrument player and want to travel with your string instruments, here are discussed some essentials to travel safely with your string musical instruments. So let’s start with the following tips:

Travel Through Vehicle

If you are going through a vehicle such as a car, van or any other automobile than it becomes much easier as compared to travel by air. However, travel through vehicles is only works when you are going on short trips. Of course, this won’t work if you are traveling overseas, or cover a long distance. But for short trips vehicles are relatively secure than others.

When you are travel though vehicle makes sure the following things:

  • Always keep your string instruments in the cab, as they do not require too much place. You must avoid putting your instruments in the storage compartment of the vehicle.
  • Always pack your string instrument in a hard case to reduce the risk of damages.
  • Loosen the strings and hairs on the instrument so that it can help to prevent your instrument from any kind of damage.

Irish Harps

Travel Through Air

Sometimes we have to travel to a new country or to cover a long distance that is not possible on the vehicle. In this case, travel can only possible through the air. Normally musicians travel through air transportation because they feel it more comfortable than any other source. But in this case, the risks to instruments might be increased. However, before traveling through the air you must make sure the following things:

  • Research

Do some research on the flights that ensures the security of musical instruments. Read out their policies of luggage.

  • Travel with a Strong Cases

This should go without saying, but never bring a valuable string instrument without hard cases.Such as if you are a harpist and bring harp in soft padded flight cases there might be chances of damage to the strings of harp instruments.So to prevent this there are available some great new travel cases such as those made by Muzikkon.

For the students especially who travel with their string instruments first time, just makes sure that they fulfill all the techniques that help to protect their instruments. If you spend more time on some of the accommodations that are made to secure your instruments, you can be sure that your instrument will safely arrive at the destination.

Buy an Extra Seat for Large Instruments

When you are traveling through air, the mostly airline not charged the extra fees for bringing an instrument as like carry-on baggage. However, for heavy baggage extra fee is charged by the carrier. In addition to if an airline does not ensure the safety of your instruments, in that case, you can also purchase an extra seat for your string instruments. Moreover in case of larger instruments such as Cello, purchased an extra seat.

String Instrument Should Prepare for the Flight

  • Eliminate all the extra items or stickers from the case: Makes sure all the extra items must be removed from the case because in this way the security personnel checks your case due to the security reason. And they are not as gentle as you would be liked. Moreover, it is recommended to place some small instructions on your instruments case it is beneficial for managing as well repacking
  • No gaps are allowed in cases: Don’t let gaps in the cases, your instruments should be fitted in its cases. If there found any gaps you can fill them with soft fabrics, towels or any kind of soft stuff that is perfecto fill space. However no need for extra force, just need to prevent string instruments from moving around.








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